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What is Concurrency?

by Team Goseeko

Multiple instruction sequences are executed at the same time, which is known as concurrency. When numerous process threads are running in the background in the operating system, this occurs. Message passing or shared memory are use the running process threads to communicate with one another. Deadlocks and resource scarcity are challenges cause concurrency because resources are share.

It aids throughput optimisation strategies such as process coordination, memory allocation, and execution scheduling.

Principle of Concurrency 

Interleaved and overlapping processes are both forms of concurrent processes, and they both have the same issues.

It is impossible to estimate the relative pace of execution. It is determining the following factors:

1.Processes that are involved in other processes.

2. Interrupt handling in the operating system.

3. The operating system’s scheduled guidelines.


  • Multiple apps can run simultaneously.
  • More efficient use of resources.
  • Better response time on average.
  • Furthermore, Improved performance.


  • Multiple apps must protected from one another.
  • Multiple apps must coordinated via various techniques.
  • Switching between apps necessitates additional performance overheads and complexities in operating systems.
  • Additionally, When you run too many applications at the same time, your performance suffers greatly.


  • Sharing global resources in a secure manner – Sharing global resources in a secure manner is tough. Subsequently, If two processes use the same global variable and conduct read and write operations on it, the order in which those operations are perform is crucial.
  • Optimal resource allocation – It is challenging for the operating system to manage resource allocation optimally.
  • Locating programming mistakes – Finding a programming error is challenging because reports are rarely reproducible.
  • Locking the channel — The operating system may find it inefficient to simply lock the channel, preventing other processes from using it.

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