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What is a Computer?

by Team Goseeko

A Computer system is an electronic device that collects raw data i.e input and processes it, producing desired data called output. Computers consist of two things like hardware and software.

fig : Basic processing of computer

Main Unit of Computer:

The main unit of the computer is –

  • Input data : An input unit is a device that receives user instructions and data and transmits it to the machine.
  • CPU (central processing unit) : CPU is the brain of a computer. The part of the computer that performs the bulk of data processing operations is called the central processing unit.
  • Output : The output unit provides results to the user. The output unit is a communication link between the computer and the user.
  • Memory : One of the most useful features of a machine is memory. It is one of the most important parts of the computer system.

Characteristics of Computers 

  • Speed : A computer is capable of performing any type of calculation at a high rate. Speed is usually measured in MIPS.
  • Memory : Storage capacity of a computer is unlimited because of its main and secondary memory, so it is capable of storing huge amounts of data.
  • Accuracy : Every procedure is carried out by the computer with equal and high precision.
  • Versatile : Computer is a versatile machine so it can perform any work ranging from simple to complex.
  • Reliability : The computer’s performance is extremely dependable due to its large memory space and high precision accuracy.
  • Automation : The computer completes all of its tasks on its own.

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