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What are the Types of Computer Networks?

by Bhumika

A computer network is a collection of computers connect through a communication media like cable or wire.

The scale of a network can determined by the geographic area and number of computers that make it up. Moreover, It might be as little as a single computer in a single room or as large as millions of devices spread throughout the globe.

Types of Computer network

Computer networks are classified into four groups based on their complexity:

Personal area network (PAN)

A personal area network (PAN) is a computer network built around a single person. On the other hand, The most popular components are a computer, a cell phone, or a personal digital assistant. Furthermore, By making contact between these personal devices and a digital network and the internet, PAN can uses to connect them to a digital network and the internet.

Local area network (LAN)

A LAN is a collection of computers and peripheral devices connected in a compact space, such as a classroom, laboratory, home, or business building. In addition, It is a widely uses network for sharing data, printers, games, and other software. The most basic type of LAN network is one that connects PCs and printers in a person’s home or company. In general, LAN will employed as a communication medium.

It’s a network of fewer than 5000 networked devices that spans multiple buildings.

Metropolitan area network (MAN)

A computer network that spans a city, a college campus, or a small area is known as a Metropolitan Area Network, or MAN. This network is much larger than a local area network (LAN), which is normally limits a single building or location. Moreover, Depending on the arrangement, this type of network can span distances ranging from a few miles to tens of kilometers.

Wide area network (WAN)

The WAN is another important computer network that spans a large geographical area (Wide Area Network). A WAN network system can be a LAN link that connects to other LANs via telephone lines and radio waves. It’s frequently limit to a particular business or organization.

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