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Write an example of Output device?

by Bhumika

Output devices are the devices that are use to show the results or details. The display can seen on a monitor or printed on paper using a printer. On the other hand, the monitor and printer are the most popular output devices.

Example of Output devices

Some example of output device


The most popular output device connected to a computer for displaying processed data is this. It has the appearance of a television and is also known as VDU (Visual Display Unit). Pixels are a large number of very tiny dots on a projector that are used to view pictures. Furthermore, The resolution of a monitor refers to the amount of pixels that can be displayed on its screen.

Since the display on the computer cannot save for a long time, it is refer to as Soft Copy Output. LCD monitors are becoming more common as a result of their sharp picture quality. They are flat-screen displays with a light weight.


A projector is a device that allows users to project their output onto a large surface, such as a screen or a wall. It can use to project a computer’s or other device’s output onto a screen. In addition, It uses light and lenses to magnify texts, images, and movies. As a result, it’s a great tool for presenting presentations or instructing large groups of people.

Input sources on modern digital projectors include HDMI connectors for newer equipment and VGA ports for older devices. Moreover, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features are available on some projectors. They are commonly use for classroom teaching, providing presentations, home theaters, and more. In addition, They can mounted to the ceiling, placed on a stand, and more.


Output devices, such as speakers, are classified as such. These are uses to listen to the computer’s music and sound effects. Moreover, They typically come in pairs and are of varying shapes and sizes.

A speaker is a physical output device that produces audio when linked to a computer. A hardware component known as a sound card that is pre-installed with the computer produces the sound produced by computer speakers.


This is a vital computer system output unit. It prints out the results that shows on the computer screen. Printed output is define as hard copy output because, unlike display output, it can saved even when the screen is turn off.


A plotter may use to print a photograph, drawing, or picture stores on a screen. It’s a printer output system that produces high-quality printed output. Engineers and architects are the most popular users.

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