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What are the limitations of Flowchart?

by Bhumika

A flowchart is a diagrammatic description of any process or workflow that uses symbols to express it in a systematic and sequential manner. In addition, Flowcharts are commonly uses by analysts and programmers to easily debug and synthesize programmes. This enables them to make quick decisions. Yes/no flowcharts, Decision flow, Data flow diagrams, and other forms of flowcharts exist.

Oversimplifying, repeated adjustments, and replication are only a few of the drawbacks of flowcharts. Furthermore, It will take a lot of time and effort to draw flowcharts by hand. As a result, relying on technology and using professional flowchart software is recommended.

Limitation of Flowchart

There are two sides to every coin. Furthermore, To get the most out of flowcharts, you must first grasp their limits. The following are some of the drawbacks of flowcharts in general.

  • Complicated Logic: Program logic can be extremely complex at times. In this instance, the flowchart becomes awkward and complicated. Moreover, Flowcharts tend to oversimplify a process in certain situations.
  • Alterations and Modifications: If changes are needed, the flowchart may need to fully redrawn. Furthermore, This takes a lot of time and work.
  • Flowchart replication: Because flowchart symbols cannot typed, flowchart reproduction becomes difficult.
  • It’s easy to get caught up in the technical intricacies of how something is done and lose sight of what’s important.
  • Sequence-altering factors are not mention.


Flowcharts have a number of advantages, which are listing below:

  • Firstly, It’s simple to create.
  • Secondly, Communication becomes more effective and understandable.
  • Mistakes are immediately detectable.
  • Analyses become more useful.
  • Synthesis is now effective.
  • It is now possible to debug.
  • Logics are simple to comprehend.


The following are some of the drawbacks of flowcharts:

  • Firstly, Complex programmes and tasks are difficult to present.
  • Secondly, There is no room for change or modification.
  • The issue of reproduction arises.
  • It is a lengthy procedure.
  • People who are unfamiliar with flowchart symbols may find it difficult to comprehend.
  • There is no man-to-machine communication.

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