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What are Input and Output devices of a computer?

by Bhumika

A number of input and output devices can linked to the machine.

Input devices 

The devices that deliver data and instructions to the machine are define as input devices. Depending on the type of data you want to enter in the computer, you can use a variety of input devices, such as a keyboard, mouse, joystick, light pen, and so on.

  • Keyboard

It is the most extensively utilized way of input. It uses to input data and commands into a computer directly. On the keyboard, there are 104 buttons known as keys.

  • Mouse 

The mouse is another often use input device with computers. It’s essentially a pointing system that uses the Point and Click method of operation. A light beam reflects under the mouse pad when it is pushe across it, causing the cursor on the screen to turn.

In Windows-based programmes, the mouse is use to execute commands by pointing at objects with the pointer and clicking the mouse buttons. We also use the mouse to draw in paint and take pictures of the kids.

Most current mice include a wheel in the middle of two buttons that allows us to easily navigate through documents. We turn the wheel with our forefinger to scroll up and down in a book. The optical mouse tracks the movement of the mouse to shift the cursor on the computer screen using red light.

  • Light pen

Another pointing type input device is the light pen. It’s a pen-shaped interface that lets you aim directly at objects on the screen. It can also uses to draw directly on the computer display.

  • Scanner

With the aid of a scanner i.e input device, we can save images, photos, and diagrams to the screen. The picture is read by the scanner and saved as a file on the disk.

Output devices 

Output Devices are the devices that are using to show the results or details. The display view on a monitor or printed out on paper. The most common output devices are the monitor and printer.

  • Monitor

This is the most common output device for displaying processed data when connected to a computer. It has the appearance of a television and is also known as VDU (Visual Display Unit). Pixels are a large number of very tiny dots on a projector that are uses to view pictures. The resolution of a monitor refers to the amount of pixels that can displayed on its screen.

The following are the two most popular monitor types:

  • Cathode Ray Tube(CRT)Monitor
  • Liquid crystal Display(LCD)Monitor

Since the display on the computer cannot save for a long time, it is refer to as Soft Copy Output.

LCD monitors are becoming more common as a result of their sharp picture quality. Moreover, They are flat-screen displays with a light weight.

  • Printer

This is a vital computer system output unit. It prints out the results that are shown on the computer screen. Printed output is also known as hard copy output because, unlike display output, it saves even when the screen is turned off.

In addition, There are various styles of printers. Printers are classified as follows based on their printing techniques:

  • Character printer 
  • Line printer 
  • Page printer 
  • Speaker

Output devices, such as speakers, are classified as such. Furthermore, These are use to listen to the computer’s music and sound effects. They typically come in pairs and are of varying shapes and sizes.

  • Plotter 

A plotter may used to print a photograph, drawing, or picture stores on a screen. Moreover, It’s a printer output system that produces high-quality printed output. Engineers and architects are the most popular users.

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