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Top 10 Jobs in Information Technology

by Team Goseeko

We are living in a technological world that allows people to achieve great things in a short period of time. As technology evolves, those people who are advancing their skills and technical knowledge will find themselves in one of the following topmost positions in the field of information technology. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 jobs in the Information Technology field.

Top 10 Jobs in Information Technology Sector

Following is the detailed list mentioning about the top jobs in Information Technology (IT) sector in India:

1. Data Scientist

Job Description: Data Science is one of the most demanding fields in the world. It is considered as one of the best jobs in the Information Technology industry. Data Scientists are responsible for analysing a large set of data and information and using it as a valuable insight for the organization’s growth and success. They have to examine the information from multiple sources and develop solutions to the problems.

They collect information like sales figures, logistics, market research, etc. Data Scientists make use of their business sense and IT skills and approach towards finding the most feasible business solution. They need to enhance their technical knowledge and skills in Data Analytics, Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning, Big Data and computer languages such as Python and R.

Educational Requirements: To become a Data Scientist, one must have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics or any other relevant field. Along with it, doing a Data Science course will make you stand out from the rest.

Average Salary: Data Scientists, on average, earn a monthly salary of 68,500 INR in India.

data scientist

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2. Software Developer

Job Description: Software Developer develops computer applications which are used for performing various tasks on computers and other devices. These developers have to first analyse the customer needs, then design, test and develop software according to customer requirements. They also need to customize and recommend software updates for existing programs and collaborate with other computer specialists to create the best possible software.

Software Developer have to work in a team environment. They must be familiar with various computer languages such as C++, Java, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. They need to be updated with the existing technological trends.

Educational Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer engineering, software engineering or other related field is required.

Average Salary: On average, Software Developers in India earn around 42,000 INR per month. As experience and skills increase, the salary can go beyond 65,000 INR per month.

software developer

3. Software Engineer

Job Description: In the world of software design and development, Software Engineers play a crucial role. They document the design process through the use of flowcharts and diagrams, and develop computer instructions through the use of algorithms. These engineers need to understand the computer systems and any hardware limitations that could impact the software design.

Software Engineers work in both the design and development stages of the software. They work with designers, developers and programmers to help map out various tasks. They need to have knowledge of algorithms, data structures, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python and SQL.

Educational Requirements: To work as a Software Engineer, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or any other relevant field.

Average Salary: Typically, Software Engineers earn 45,000 INR per month of an average salary in India.

4. Mobile Application Developer

Job Description: Mobile Application Development is one of the world’s rapidly growing professions. The Mobile Application Developer uses programming languages and development skills to build, test and develop applications on mobile and tablet devices. They work with operating system environments like iOS and Android. They have to deal with UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) when developing applications.

These developers have to continuously test the applications for bugs, glitches and any crashes. They have to rectify the problems, troubleshoot it and release the updated version of the applications.

Educational Requirements: To become a Mobile Application Developer, one must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, Information Technology or other related fields.

Average Salary: The average salary for Mobile Application Developer in India is about 37,000 INR per month.

5. Database Administrator (DBA)

Job Description: A Database Administrator (DBA) is a person who is responsible for handling all the databases of the software used. They have to store safely and organize the company’s data which includes a variety of information, confidential financial data, payroll data, customer records and much other information.

Along with data security, they have to ensure that the company’s information is accessible in an efficient manner. Many companies store their data using cloud servers so that it is accessible in real-time. That’s why many employers prefer those DBA candidates to have a background in IT and computers.

Educational Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering or an associate degree in Database Administration, or a similar degree is required.

Average Salary: A Database Administrator typically earns on an average of 41,500 INR per month in India.

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6. Information Security Analyst

Job Description: Information Security Analysts are like security guards of the information systems. They plan and carry out security measures to protect the computer systems and networks from cyberattacks. These analysts monitor, prevent and respond to data breaches and cyberattacks. They have to continuously research, collect information, find threats and vulnerabilities, and develop secure strategies so that the work runs smoothly.

The Information Security Analysts must have knowledge about routers, firewalls and other computer software and hardware devices. They have to pay close attention to details and need to keep themselves updated with advanced knowledge and networking concepts.

Educational Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering or Network Security is required. Additional IT certifications and experience is a plus for this position.

Average Salary: The Information Security Analyst earns on an average of 47,300 INR per month in India.

information security analyst

7. Computer Systems Analyst

Job Description: Computer Systems Analyst studies the current computer system procedures of the organization and integrates new architecture, design and install new computer systems whenever necessary. They provide design solutions to help the organization operate more efficiently and effectively.

Computer System Analysts configure the system software and hardware to recommend upgrades. They have to monitor the network and systems for security, performance and any other issues for improvements.

Educational Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or Information Technology is required to become a Computer Systems Analyst.

Average Salary: On average, a Computer Systems Analyst typically earns 38,000 INR per month in India.

8. Video Game Designer

Job Description: With the booming gaming market for PC and console games, there is increased popularity and opportunities for Video Game Designers. Video Game Designers work with other coders to create playable games for computers, smartphones, tablets and other gaming systems.

These designers have to deal with the following stages – creating concepts, storylines, presentations, implementation, testing, modifying and finally releasing the game. They must check and record the lines of code so that they can make changes that appear while testing. They have to collaborate with programmers and designers throughout the development process.

Video game designers must enhance their knowledge with emerging technologies and rising demand for artificial intelligence(AI), virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR) applications.

Educational Requirements: To become a Video Game Designer, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in Game Designing, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or other equivalent fields. Along with excellent programming and design skills, relevant experience in this field is the most important factor.

Average Salary: In India, Video Game Designers on average earns around 46,500 INR per month. Experience in this field is always preferred. As the experience rises, the salary goes beyond 80,000 INR per month.

video game designer

9. Web Developer

Job Description: As the name suggests, Web Developers are responsible for building websites. They typically deal with the look and technical aspects of the website. While developing websites, they have to keep a note about the following points:

  • Website speed and efficiency
  • Website performance
  • User Experience(UX) and User Interface(UI)
  • And about how much data load and traffic the website can handle

Web Developers have to continually work with web designers and content creators throughout the website development process in order to satisfy the client’s needs. They have to modify or add any new updates to the website as required by clients.

They need to have knowledge about various web development skills like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, etc.

Educational Requirements: To be a Web Developer, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering or another related field.

Average Salary: Web Developers earn on average of 25,800 INR per month in India.

web developer

10. Network Administrator

Job Description: Network Administrator manages and maintains all the computer networks in an organization and solves problems that occur. They have to set up, install, troubleshoot and repair the software and hardware systems along with networking components. Their main focus is on networking components. Networking components include routers, telecom systems, handsets, PDA’s (Personal Digital Assistants), printers and other networking devices.

They have to constantly monitor the network, figure out weaknesses, fix them, install updates, check for security breaches and ensure an efficient and secured network.

Educational Requirements: For Network Administrators, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Engineering and relevant fields. Certification courses related to the Networking background can be a plus.

Average Salary: Network Administrators earn an average of 29,700 INR per month in India.

network administrator


These were the top 10 jobs in Information Technology in India. To succeed in the IT field, the minimum qualification is to earn a graduate degree. With the ever-increasing demand in technological fields, it brings huge career opportunities. With proper guidance and right education, everyone can earn one of these best jobs in the Information Technology industry.

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