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Tips & Tricks To Improve Memory: Stay Sharp With Goseeko!

by Team Goseeko

How often have we been in a situation where our memory was our worst enemy? For example – humming to the tune of a song but not remembering the words; keeping a friend’s birthdate in mind all month but forgetting it just the night before the birthday; keeping the money at a safe place and then forgetting the location altogether – we have all been tricked by our own memory time and again.

But, memory betrayal hurts most when you have spent hours preparing for an exam, and just as you are ready to scribble it all onto the answer sheet, you forget the key ideas or words. Students all across the planet are all too familiar with this moment of panic and intense pressure to remember the information they revised just yesterday. To take away the power of this trap, here are some of tips and tricks on how to increase memory power in students-

Best Study Techniques For Memorization:

1. Passive Reading Never Helps-

This is one of the most important productivity tips for college students – do not be a passive reader. Passive reading is superficially scanning through the material without actually paying attention to the words or understanding the information. It is as good as not reading at all. When you go through the study material in a passive manner, you technically read all the words but none of them get absorbed and stored into your long-term memory.

2. Keep The Distractions Away-

If you know that even the slightest shift around you distracts you easily, find yourself a comfortable, quiet spot in the house or any other convenient place for studying. The best way to ensure that you concentrate is to keep away from distractions like television, music, people chit-chatting in the background, vehicles honking, your pet barking away, and anything and everything that can break your chain of thought.

Best Study Techniques For Memorization

3. Visuals Are The Key-

It’s true when they say that a picture speaks a thousand words. Images, infographics or diagrams can help you remember a concept better than text can; here’s some data that can vouch for it:

  • 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.
  • Visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text.
  • Visuals have been found to improve learning by up to 400%.

Given that these are proven facts, educators across the world promote the use of diagrams in teaching. When studying, refer to materials that are backed by visual representations of the data or information, it’ll work wonders for your memory retention capability.

4. Good Food = Better Memory-

Yes, healthy food means a healthy mind, body and soul. It’s important to include food items that improve memory in your everyday diet. We don’t mean to say that your plate always has to be full of healthy greens, nuts, and whole grain items. While those help significantly; here are some of the fun foods that surprisingly support long-term brain function: Dark chocolate, blueberries, eggs. Plan your diet accordingly and no matter how much you have to study, do not skip meals!

5. Say It Out Loud:

A research published in 2017 suggests that reading information out loud significantly improves one’s ability to remember it. Another technique that educators and psychologists recommend is to get the students to teach new concepts to others. Hearing yourself decode a concept or break down complex information helps you analyse how well you have understood it and how much can you recall from your own study sessions.

Goseeko, is an easy-to-use online platform, dedicated to making higher education more accessible and convenient to students. Its multiple features are designed to promote audio-visual learning! The notes and video lectures curated by university professors are easily accessible, as and when you need them; the MCQs help you test your knowledge within a matter of minutes; and the audio bites help you understand difficult topics so they are easier to remember!

So, if you think that you aren’t naturally gifted when it comes to memorization (like most of us), use the above tips on how to improve memory power and concentration for students. Also, leverage the power of Goseeko to revise the topics and concepts that are difficult to remember. Register today, boost your memory, and ace the exams with confidence!

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