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E-Learning – How Does It Benefit Students

by Team Goseeko

What is E-Learning?

E-Learning refers to learning through digital devices. For example watching an educational video, or taking an online quiz . The popularity of e-learning platforms has risen significantly over the past year. With the increase in access to the internet across India, students are actively using digital modes of learning.  

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted traditional modes of education. Schools and universities across the country have been closed for months. During this pandemic, eLearning platforms have played a pivotal role in educating students. E-learning platforms are not direct replacements of classroom learning. Rather students use them to supplement their classes. 

What are its advantages?

The increasing popularity of e-learning platforms is due to the various advantages they provide – 

  • Students can access content anytime & anywhere
  • The resources students need can be found in one place
  • Students can overcome physical barriers such as lack of transportation, the closing of schools etc.
  • Web-based learning promotes active and independent learning

Additionally, e-learning platforms make it easier for students to retain information. This is because students have the freedom to learn at their own pace. A student can go back and re-read content they desire multiple times. Conversely, for concepts they know well, they can decide to read at a faster pace. Allowing them to dedicate more time to topics which they feel they are weak in.

It is important to understand that each student learns at a different pace. E-learning platforms provide them with the opportunity to do that

Which E-learning platform should you use?

Surfing through the internet you will find various e-learning platforms. Most of them specialize in providing online courses to students. Studying specific courses might help students in improving their grades in select subjects. However, with the lack of classroom education, students require more than just course-based knowledge.

One platform that focuses on the holistic development of students is Glossaread. The platform has a network of more than 60 professors across universities in India. As a result, the study material students receive is tailor-made to their university syllabus. Conversely, other platforms recycle the same course materials for all students.

Additionally, the platform organizes weekly live-learning sessions. Each session focuses on an in-depth analysis of a particular topic. Furthermore, students have the chance to interact with professors to clear doubts or ask questions. The opportunity to interact directly with professors is invaluable during this pandemic. 

Overall, e-learning is on the rise among students across the country. And choosing the right platform can help you greatly in your academics.

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