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How to choose the Right Engineering Stream?

by Team Goseeko

Choosing an engineering stream can be a tough task for aspirants. There are numerous streams out there and you might not know much about them. Additionally, the stream you choose has a direct impact on your future career options. But don’t worry, in this article we discuss all the factors you need to consider while choosing the right engineering stream!

Engineering is no doubt one of the most reputed and popular degrees in India. Around 35 lakh students are enrolled in 4000+ engineering colleges across the country. Additionally, there are countless engineering streams available in these colleges which offer specialization in various branches. 

Let’s start with the most common engineering streams in India! 

Mechanical Engineering (Mech)


Do you obsess about how cars are made? or do you simply love machines? If the answer is yes, then Mechanical Engineering is the best stream for you!

Mechanical Engineering is an incredibly vast, yet interesting stream. Mech students learn about the design, analysis, production, and maintenance of mechanical systems.

When we think about the best engineering stream for getting a government job, mechanical is an evergreen stream that will never disappoint. Additionally, it has a huge career scope in the private sector as well. 

Some popular job opportunities after Mechanical Engineering include:

  • Machine Design Specialist
  • Quality Control Engineer 
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Indian Naval Store Officer

Civil Engineering (CE)


The Civil branch of Engineering is for individuals who love structures. Civil engineers design, create and maintain structures essential for everyday life.

Additionally, CE is for those who are enthusiastic about planning and designing structure developments. These include streets, dams, airports, buildings, bridges, etc.

There are a range of job opportunities after Civil Engineering, such as: 

  • Resource Management Officer
  • Head Planning Engineer 
  • Site Supervisor
  • Site Engineer 

Computer Science Engineering (CSE)


Computer Science Engineering is one of the most famous streams among female engineering aspirants.

CSE is the perfect stream for individuals who are passionate about coding and creating programs. Additionally, students learn about algorithm design, machine learning, and managing database systems.

Furthermore, graduates of this field are in demand for positions in India and abroad. Commonly, CSE graduates are placed in multi-national companies.

Job opportunities after Computer Science Engineering include: 

  • Software Quality Assurance Tester
  • Software Application Developer
  • Web Developer 
  • Computer System Analyst

Electrical Engineering (EE) 


Electrical Engineers are the most gifted experts in the cutting edge world. EE is related to the investigation, planning, and utilization of hardware, gadgets, and frameworks. Additionally, other important topics include the use of power and electromagnetism.

Electrical Engineers are currently in high demand. Hence, if you are thinking about entering this field, it can profit you with rewarding positions in both – private and government sectors.

Electrical Engineers are hired in a variety of positions, such as: 

  • Power Engineer 
  • Electrical Circuit and Parts Designer 
  • Control Engineer
  • Signal Processing Engineer

Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)


ECE is one of the most famous engineering streams in India. It is the need for aspirants who want to get into the device programming and planning industry. ECE graduates commonly work on technology such as cell phones, radios, and other electronic gadgets.

With a rising interest in electronic devices such as cell phones in India and across the globe, organizations are in need of talented ECE graduates to fulfill the needs of customers in the best manner. This has resulted in an increase in job opportunities for graduates of this stream.

There are different employment choices after finishing graduation in ECE, particularly in the field of communications. Organizations recruit ECE graduates, significantly for planning electronic gear, programming circuits, maintenance of gadgets, and so forth.

Job opportunities after ECE include:

  • Desktop Support Engineer
  • Communications Engineer
  • Network Planning Engineer
  • Technical Director

Information Technology (IT) Engineering


Information Technology covers subjects and advances related to online applications. Such as – control frameworks, man-made brainpower, portable figuring, data recovery, and transmission. 

Additionally, IT students are trained to think and conceptualize ways through which technology can improve the efficiency of operations in organizations. Likewise, they learn how to test, build, install, and maintain hardware and software related to complex computer systems.

IT graduates have always been in high demand in the market and will continue to do so in the future. Common job opportunities for IT graduates include:

  • Data Technology Engineer
  • Web Developer and Designer 
  • Information base Manager
  • Information Security Officer 

Above were the most common engineering streams in India. Likewise, there are other factors that you should consider while choosing the right stream –

What are your dreams?

Being passionate about what you learn is essential. Engineering courses are difficult and require a lot of effort to complete. For this reason, your passion should drive your choice of engineering stream. This will assist you with guaranteeing that you stay inspired during the course and score good marks.

Review the Syllabus 

Each engineering stream has a long and definite syllabus. It is recommended to review the syllabus of different streams before making a decision. You need to understand the expectations and be ready to put in the effort required to handle a rigorous engineering program.

Career opportunities

You need to consider numerous factors like the pay, working hours, job availability, etc. while choosing your stream.

Additionally, keep in mind the career opportunities available post-graduation. Ask yourself, what kind of job I would like to do? We know this can be a tough question to answer. 

But remember, when you choose engineering as your profession, you open a huge door of opportunities your way!


The points mentioned above should be remembered while choosing an engineering stream. Your choice of stream is the initial step towards your professional life and you need to choose it wisely.

Additionally, along with your desired stream, you need to pick the right engineering college too! Choosing a college can be hard, that’s why we’ve made a guide for students to help make the process easier. You can find it here!

Lastly, we know choosing your engineering stream can be a long and difficult process. However, it is important to invest the time and effort to do so.

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