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What Journal entries and do we prepare in the books of Hire Vendor and Hire Purchaser for large value?

by Bhakti

Another arrangement may be that the property passes at the same time as the contract is signed. If the installment payment is not paid, the seller does not have the right to retrieve the item. His right is to sue the buyer for the amount to be paid. This is known as an Installment Payment System.

Definition: The Hire Purchase System is a system in which an employer (employee purchaser) purchases goods from a seller (employment vendor) but does not pay the full amount at one time. However, the down payment will be made in one lump sum and the balance will be paid in instalments by the employer. It’s kind of like an installment plan, but the big difference between the installment plan and the hiring purchase plan is when the ownership is transferred.

Rental purchase systems are generally imposed on products with high resale value in the market. Therefore, if the job purchaser does not pay in instalments, the job vendor has the option of re-owning and reselling the asset in the market to recover costs and rates of return.

If you buy your TV in cash, you pay, for example, Rs. 15,000. But if you want to pay in instalments of Rs, for example. You may need to pay 3,000 or Rs in 4 instalments each year. A total of 20,000.

Extra amount of Rs. 3,000 is interest. If you choose the latter payment method, you will need to debit Rs. 5,000 to treat with interest in television as rated by Rs. 15,000 (not Rs. 20,000). For installment payments, there are two types of arrangements. Each installment may be treated as an “employment” in which the purchaser becomes the owner only if the purchaser has paid all the instalments. In other words, no property is passed to him, even if one installment remains unpaid. The seller reserves the right to take away the goods in case of default with respect to any installation.

Journal entry with Actual Cash Price Payment Method

Below are the various accounting entries in the books of hiring buyers and hiring vendors.

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