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What is the difference between system software and application software?

by Bhumika

System Software:

System Software is a form of s/w that serves as a link between application s/w and the OS. Further, The system S/W is wrote in low-level languages. Moreover, System s/w manages the resources of the system and provides a path for application s/w to run. In addition, The fact that the system cannot run without system S/W is critical. It is a software that may use for a variety of purposes.

Application Software:

The term “Application Software” refers to s/w that runs in response to a user’s request. Furthermore, It is based on a platform given by system S/W. On the other hand, High-level languages are use to write the application s/w. It’s a software design for a certain function.


The key distinction between system s/w and application s/w is that a system cannot run without system s/w, whereas a system can always run without application s/w.

System softwareApplication software
It manages the resources of the system and provides a path for application software to run.Application software is designed to do a certain goal.
This software is written in low-level languages.High-level languages are used to write the application software.
It’s a software that can be used for a variety of purposes.It is, nevertheless, a software designed for a certain function.
It is required for system operation.While the system continues to run even when no application software is installed.
When the computer is turned on, this software runs, and when it is shut off, it stops.This software, on the other hand, runs in accordance with the user’s wishes.
Operating systems, for example, are examples of system software.Photoshop, VLC player, and other application software are examples.
It is more difficult to programme.In comparison to system software, this software programming is easier.

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