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What is Reinforcement Learning?

by Bhumika

Reinforcement learning is a subset of machine learning. It all comes down to taking the appropriate actions to maximize your return in every given situation. It is uses a variety of software and computers to determine the best feasible action or path in a given situation. The solution key is provide in the training data in supervised learning, allowing the model to be train with the right answer, whereas in reinforcement learning, there is no answer and the reinforcement agent decides what to do to finish the task. In the absence of a training dataset, it is forced to learn from its mistakes.

Unlike supervised learning, the agent learns naturally utilizing feedbacks and no labeled data in Reinforcement Learning. Because there is no labeled data, the agent must rely only on its own experience to learn.

RL is uses to tackle a certain sort of problem in which sequential decision-making is require and the aim is long-term, such as game-playing, robotics, and so on. The agent interacts with and explores the world on its own. In reinforcement learning, an agent’s primary goal is to increase performance by obtaining the most positive rewards.

The agent learns through trial and error, and as a result of its experience, it improves its ability to complete the task. As a result, “reinforcement learning” can be define as “a form of machine learning method in which an intelligent agent (computer program) interacts with the environment and learns how to function within it. 

Reinforcement learning is demonstrate the way a robotic dog learns to move his arms. Reinforcement learning is a fundamental idea in artificial intelligence, and it is uses all AI agents. We don’t need to program the agent ahead of time because it learns from its own experiences without the need for human assistance.


Assume an AI agent is present in a maze setting, and his mission is to locate the diamond. The agent interacts with the environment by executing activities, and the state of the agent is modify as a result of those actions, as well as a reward or punishment as feedback. 

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