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What is Computer Software?

by Team Goseeko

Software instructs a program about what it can do. The entire collection of programs, procedures, and routines associated with the operation of a computer system is referred to as computer software.

Software is a set of programs that are programmed to perform a specific task. A program is a set of instructions designed to solve a specific problem.

Types of Software

There are two types of computer software :

  1. System Software : The device software is a set of programs that run, monitor, and expand the computer’s processing capabilities. The majority of system software is created by the computer manufacturers.  The purpose of system software is to insulate the application programmer as much as possible from the details of the particular computer complex being used, especially memory and other hardware features, and such accessory devices as communications, printers, reader, keyboard etc. 
  1. Application Software : Application software products are created to meet a specific need in a specific setting. Application software encompasses many of the software programs produced in the computer lab. Typical applications include word processing, medical software, database , educational software etc. Applications are almost always independent programs from the operating system.

Customized or general-purpose application software is usable.

  • Customized Application software : The software which is developed to meet all the requirements of a specific user or organization. For example software prepared to automate the result process of any institute  is an application software.
  • General Application software : The software which is developed by keeping all the general requirements in mind for carrying out a specific task. These are software which are developed by a group of people. For eg. word processing software , Electronic spreadsheet etc.

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