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What is a bar diagram?

by krishna

Bar diagrams are the most important way of representation of data. we use it for various purposes.

Shape of a bar is like a Rectangle. we call them one dimensional diagrams because only length of the bar matters and not the width.

Types of Bar Diagrams

The following are the different types of bar diagrams:

(i) Simple Bar Diagram

(ii) Subdivided Bar Diagram

(iii) Multiple Bar Diagram

(iv) Percentage Bar Diagram

(v) Deviation Bar Diagram

(vi) Broken Bar Diagram

Here we will discuss about subdivided bar diagram and Percentage Bar Diagram

Subdivided Bar Diagram

If there are various components of a variable to represent in a single diagram then we use subdivided bar diagrams in this condition.

We represent a bar in the order of magnitude from the largest component at the base of the bar to the smallest at the end of the bar, but we keep the order of various components in each bar in the same order.

We use Different shades or colours to distinguish between different components. To explain such differences, we should use the index in the bar diagram.

We can represent Subdivided bar diagrams vertically or horizontally. If the number of components are more than 10 or 12, then we do not use the subdivide bar diagrams because in that case, here will be overloaded information in the diagram and we cannot compare of understand it easily.

Example: Represent the following data by subdivided bar diagram:


First of all we calculate the cumulative cost on the basis of the given amounts:

subdivided bar diagram is given below:

Percentage Bar Diagram

When we draw the Subdivided bar diagram on the basis of the percentage of the total, we call them a percentage bar diagram.

When we draw such diagram, we keep the length of all the bars equal to 100 and we form the segments in these bars to represent the components on the basis of percentage of the aggregate.

First of all we assume the total of the given variable equal to 100. Then we calculate the percentage for each and every component of the variable. After then the cumulative percentage are calculated for every component. Finally the bars are subdivided into the cumulative percentage and presented like subdivided bar diagram.


Draw a percentage bar diagram for the following data:


percentage bar diagram is-

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