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What does Accounting mean?

by Bhakti

An Introduction to Accounting

Accounting is as old as money itself. As a child, commercial activities were based on barter systems, so record keeping was not necessary. The Industrial Revolution of the 19th century paved the way for commercial activity, mass production, and the development of credit terms, along with the rapid population growth. Therefore, the record of commerce has become an important function

Applicability of Accounting

Accounting Principles expects to be feasible, predictable and applicable. It should be easy to apply to accounting systems and easy for anyone to implement.

For example, if you see fixed assets on your Balance Sheet, replacement costs are difficult, and fluctuations and people can cause fluctuations and market prices. It doesn’t change from person to person, but it shouldn’t.

Recording of Accounting

Accounting has the unique function of recording all financial transactions. It provides provisions for recording transactions in a detailed way that companies can use. Recording is systematic and done by anyone familiar with the basics of accounting and the law.

Recording is done by similar grouping entries under a single title so that all financial transactions are easily categorize.


Accounting provides the ability to categorize all financial transactions into different categories. These categories are grouped in one place according to their similarity. For example, all payments and receipts receivable reflects in your cashbook or memo book.

This helps to classify all similar transactions into one heading, which helps to find them and makes it easier. When a book completes the process of opening an account is called a ledger.


Accounting Principles is useful and provides important information to anyone trying to find them in an easy way. With different categories and headings that categorize different transactions, the finder can easily find a particular transaction.

These entries help determine and identify the nature of the transaction and analyze its impact on the overall balance sheet.


Principles are relevant when there are numbers and facts. Factual accounting principles that support numbers make it very relevant. There is no prejudice, as it is guaran table that personal whims and prejudices are not includable in the accounting case.


Accounting also provides a summary of the relevant complex financial statements. Cash flow, fund flow and Balance sheet statements are briefly summarizable and presentable to investors and the general public.

These statements help investors make investment decisions. The abstract also provides a test of the organization’s overall financial position without spending a lot of time.

Income statements, Balance sheets, etc. are mirrors of the company, and summaries are considerable to be very important statements.


All statements generated by a Certified Treasury Auditor or Bookkeeper can be audited and verified for their validity. All entries in the accounting system are related to a company’s financial transactions. Therefore, financial statements give a glimpse of the mirror of the organization.

However all of these entries can be verifiable to test the validity of the statement.


Financial statement summaries is readable and interpretable by anyone with knowledge. The interpretation is universal and there is no difference from person to person or from auditor to auditor. It remains constant regardless of who interprets it, which gives it a characteristic of universality.

You can analyze the interpretation to find out if your organization is in good or bad financial position. Business performance is determinable with the help of accounting statements.


Accounting is characterized by reproducibility due to established procedures and formulas. Further Accounting steps calculation is based on a fixed formula. For example, ratio analysis uses different formulas to determine different aspects of a stock. This is convenient for investors.

The results obtained from these analyses are repeatable due to the universality of the formula and are not individual dependent or change over time.

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