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Best Science Video Channels

by Joy_Chemistry

In an age of technology, learning does not limit itself to textbooks, libraries and classrooms. Videos have gained immense popularity and frequently used way of learning and providing adequate information through pictorial representation and also visual display, learning has become fun as students are interacting more and more and breaking the monotony of just being book learners. lets take a look at some of the videos in science that re most sorted and also help improve our knowledge and make it more enthusiastic to watch.


This channel has made its beginning by uploading science lessons sine the summer of 2010, every lesson is focused on answering an intriguing rhetorical question such as “What if the Sun disappeared?”. The channels feature videos on scientific, psychological and philosophical topics as well as gaming, popular culture and other general subjects of interest.


Since July 21, 2010, Veritasium has provided an insiders look at science, innovations, and places of interest. Each video includes demonstrations, interviews and/or tours in order to give you a 3-dimensional look at the subject matter. it is a channel of science featuring experiments, expert interviews, cool demos and discussions with public about science.

Here is one fascinating video about How Cod Saved the Vikings.

3.The Bad Astronomer

Focused on astronomy, space, and science, its about the real world science they cover the entire universe theBadAstronomer has been around since March 25, 2006. its an eye opener regarding the Misconceptions and misuses revealed from Astrology space and landing on the moon.

4.Sick Science!

Since June 14, 2007, this channel has shown students a variety of interesting science experiments. The lessons on this channel are hosted by Steve Spangler who is a teacher, science toy designer, and Emmy award-winning television personality. He unlocks some of the coolest science mysteries using science concepts. these easy to do experiments can also be performed at home.

5.The RI

Some spectacular tour of some curious and sometimes surprising world is opened in these facts and finding in the world of Chemistry, its magical finding and the deeper truth and exposure of concepts make it more fascinating to know the magical world in a better way.

6.Applied Science

Launched on July 23, 2006, Applied Science teaches students about how science and technology are applied in the world around them. The technology uses the scientific method and knowledge obtained through conclusions from methods that pertain to practical goals. They also include a broad range from engineering to medical fields as well.

7.In A Nutshell

Since July 9, 2013, In a Nutshell has taught students about science with the use of amusing animated videos. If you’re curious to find out more about scientific concepts such as wormholes, In A Nutshell’s captivating videos are sure to keep you both entertained and engaged. It focusses on minimalist animated educational content, using flag design style, they also discuss scientific, technological ,political, philosophical and psychological subjects.

8.Life Noggin

Since March 31, 2013, Life Noggin has been answering its viewers’ questions about life and the universe. They believe curiosity is a virtue, they educate you on science and the world around us, exploring every single aspect with fun and frolic. This channel uses entertaining animations to keep viewers glued to their screens, and provides answers to amusing questions such as What If You Never Washed Your Hands?


This channel has been dedicated to delving into scientific mysteries since October 20, 2011.Exploring the unexpected , into the scientific subjects that defy expectations. It is a series of science-related videos, they are child friendly also.


Launched on May 28, 2012, AsapSCIENCE teaches scientific concepts in a simple, laid-back way. Here there is a mash up of science, art and pop culture to impact people and the planet. the channel inspires millions to love science. it also showcases cultural movements, platform talks and queer voices.
Each lesson includes illustrations to help you take in knowledge, while the narrators explain theories in an easy-to-understand manner.

How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes is just one of AsapSCIENCE’s many fascinating videos:

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