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What is the difference etween Primary Market and Secondary Market?

by Bhakti

Capital Markets: Meaning

Capital markets are markets where dealing of assets such as bonds, stocks and securities takes place . The capital markets deal with financial instruments with a lock-in period of more than one year. Two types of market:

  1. Primary
  2. Secondary

There are two types of Capital Markets:

Primary Market: Meaning

A Primary Market is a market in which a company absorbs new issuance of shares donated by the public to raise capital to cover the long-term funding needed. Such as expanding current transactions or purchasing its own entity. It plays a motivational role in the mobilization of savings in the economy.

Multiple types of issues that establishments face include offerings, public issuance, Indian Depositary Receipt (IDR) issuance, bonus issuance, and rights issues.

Secondary Market: Meaning

The Secondary Market is a prototype of the capital markets where corporate bonds, current stocks, options, bonds, Treasury bills, commercial paper and more are favorable by investors.

Such market can be an auction business in which the fixed income business operates through the dealer market or stock exchange, which is usually referred to as over-the-counter.

Difference Between Primary Market and Secondary Market

  1.  Previously issuable Securities in a market Known as the primary market and then listing in a trading official certificate exchange called the secondary market.
  2. The price of the first market is remains fix, but the worth of the secondary market depends on the availability and demand of the trading securities .
  3. The primary market will fund the expansion and diversification of new and old companies. On the contrary, the secondary market does not fund the company because it is not involved in the transaction.
  4. In the primary market, investors can buy stock directly from the company. Unlike the secondary market, when an investor buys or sells stocks or bonds.
  5. In the primary market, investment bankers sell securities. Conversely, the broker acts as an intermediary while the transaction is taking place in the secondary market.
  6. Selling of Securities can be once in the primary market, but indefinitely in the secondary market.
  7. The amount of money you receive from securities is the income of the company, but in the case of the secondary market, the income of investors is the same.
  8. The primary market roots in a specific location and has no organizational presence, so it has no geographical presence. Conversely, the secondary market physically exists.

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