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What is Race condition?

by Bhumika

A race condition is an occurrence that can happen within a vital segment. When the result of multiple thread execution in a vital region varies depending on the order in which the threads execute, this occurs.

If the critical section is regarded as an atomic instruction, race situations in critical parts can be avoided. Race problems can also be avoided by employing thread synchronization techniques such as locks or atomic variables.

When  Race Condition Occur

When two threads access a shared variable at the same moment, a race condition develops.The variable is read by the first thread, and the second thread reads the identical value from the variable by the second thread. The first and second threads then do their actions on the value, racing to see who can write the value to the shared variable first. Because the thread is writing over the value that the prior thread written, the value of the thread that publishes its value last is retained.

critical section

The part of code in which share variables can be access. In a crucial section, atomic action is require, which means that only one process can run in that region at a time. All of the other processes must wait for their essential sections to complete before they can begin.

Mutual  exclusion

A solution to the crucial section problem is need to synchronize the various processes. The critical section problem’s solution must meet the following requirements:

  • Progress 

Only one process, that inside the crucial region at any given time, according to mutual exclusion. Other operations that require the vital piece must wait until it is available.

  • Bounded  waiting

If a process isn’t using the vital area, it shouldn’t prevent other processes from using it. In other words, if a vital region is open, any process can enter it.

Bounded waiting implies that each process must have a set amount of time to wait. It should not have to wait indefinitely to get to the crucial area.

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