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What is AIDA Model?

by Puja

AIDA Model is a selling concept present by Elmo Lewis to explain how personal selling works. AIDA Model identifies the processes for achieving promotional goals in terms of stages of consumer involvement with the message. The Stages are Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.


Firstly, the attention stage occurs in beginning of the marketing message and is designed to give the prospects a reason to take notice. The advertisers need to be quick and direct to grab audience attention. Ads are required to be eye catchy which can make audience stop and read or watch what advertiser have to say next. To make the ads attractive powerful words and pictures are used.


Secondly, After getting attention of a chunk of the targeted audience, under this stage it is required to keep them engaged with the ad to make them understand the message in more detail. Gaining the audience interest is more difficult process than grabbing their attention. The advertisers must stay focused on audience needs to gain audience interest

An advertisement is design to create interest for the goods or services of the advertiser, interest is closely related to attention. An advertiser has to take note of these two aspects while developing an advertisement. A good advertisement starts with a point of interest to the reader and proceeds to a point of interest to the advertiser.

Advertising aims at stimulating primary demands for a new product. It is use for existing product to bring a greater bit of the marketing share. It is also use to remind the consumers about their needs. A good advertisement should arouse interest of the prospects in the advertised product.


In this stage, the objective is to show the prospects how the product can solve the problem.  Under this the prospects are explain the features of the products or services and demonstrate how the benefits fulfill their need. A good advertisement should be able to create desire in the minds of the readers about the product. It is not enough for a good advertisement to attract attention create interest but also arouse desire in the heart of the prospect to have the product. The advertiser should make use of proper appeals and selling points while creating desire for the product. Making use of proper appeal will depend on the seasonal consumption of the product. For example, the sale of rain-coats in monsoon will emphasise selfprotection against rains. It is through the sales appeal that the advertiser creates a desire for the product.


Finally,  advertiser need to be very clear about what action he want the audience to take- trial, purchase, repurchase, or other. This is an important stage where the advertiser can study the impact of his advertisement. If the advertisement has attracted attention, aroused interest, created desire, then the advertisement should appeal the prospect to act i.e., to come forward for making purchases.

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