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What are the types of Leadership Styles?

by Team Goseeko

There are 7 types of Leaderships styles which one can follow –

 1. Dictatory or authoritarian style:

Also known as leader canter style. Under this style of leadership, authority is completely centralized to the leader. In other words, authority is left to the leader himself. He has all the power to make decisions. There are no two ways to communicate, only downward communication is used.

2. Democratic or Participatory style:

This style of leadership is also known as group canter or consulting leadership. Under this style, leaders consult with the group and seek their opinions and participation in the decision-making process. Democratic leaders empower the group and after their consultation decisions have been made.

3. Laissez-faire or Free rein style:

Under this style of leadership, there is virtually no direct leadership. Therefore, it is known as “no leadership at all”. Subordinates have full delegation of authority so that they can make their own decisions.

4. Bureaucratic style:

Under this leadership, leader behavior is determined by rules, regulations and procedures. These rules and regulations are subject to both leaders and subordinates.

5. Operation style:

As the name implies, the leader manipulates employees to achieve his goals. The operation leader is very selfish and utilizes the aspirations of the employee for his benefit. He is familiar with the needs and desires of his employees, but does little to meet them. He sees these needs and desires as tools to achieve his goals.

6. Paternity style:

The paternalistic leadership style claims that the father’s attitude is the right one for a better relationship between managers and employees. Everyone works together like a family.

7. Expert Leadership Style:

Professional leadership styles have emerged as a result of the complex structure of modern organizations. Leadership is based on the abilities, knowledge and abilities of leaders. He manages the situation with his talent.

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