Technology Laws Decoded is a very important book authored by Ms N S Nappinai, a law practitioner with over 25 years of experience in Constitutional, Corporate, Commercial, Criminal, Technology, Intellectual Property and cyber laws.In Technology Laws Decoded, the learned author introduces the why and whereof of her work in a compelling, crisp, highly articulate and at once insightful narrative. In Nappinai’s words: Technology laws lay scattered throughout the larger fabric of law and the justice delivery system. As the Internet coalesced the worlds together, so has this book brought together the various pieces of the legal jigsaw, created solely with a change in the domain, to create a cohesive whole. The picture is still bare bones and is probably merely the sketch of masterpieces to come, not necessarily from this author’s pen. It is however a beginning to create the larger picture of the forest, leaving the filling in of the trees to works that follow.
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About the Author

N.S. Nappinai is an Advocate practising at the Supreme Court of India and Bombay High Court. A pioneer in Cyber Laws, Ms Nappinai handles complex international and domestic litigations pertaining to Constitutional, Criminal and Commercial laws. Her repertoire of cases handled since 1991 includes white-collar offences; constitutional challenges; protecting IP in films, gaming and software; cyber crimes data breaches, online offences, cyber frauds and commercial litigations, through innovative strategies. She undertakes corporate transactions involving private equity and debt structuring, technology transfers and IPR, and advises on data protection laws across jurisdictions. Ms Nappinai lends her expertise in Cyber laws and in particular cyber crimes, electronic evidence and IPR for training Judiciary (including from SAARC), Government, Armed forces, Intelligence and Police officials and Industry. She contributed to the Law Commission in drafting the Indian legislation for establishing Commercial Courts in 2015. She is on the advisory board of several organisations. A Chevening (UK) and IVLP (USA) alumni, Ms Nappinai has addressed sessions at international events including at the UK House of Commons, USA, Singapore, Malta and Spain. Ms Nappinai is a mediator trained inter alia at WIPO, Geneva. The author may be reached at view complete profile