This book provides the reader with a complete knowledge of the application Microsoft Office 2010. It includes chapters on every component of the Microsoft Office 2010 package such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word etc. It is written in a lucid and comprehensive manner and the content is easily understood by the reader.
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  • Publisher: Laxmi Publications
  • Language: English
  • ISBN : 978-93-80298-95-5
  • Chapter 1

    Microsoft Windows 7 Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Windows 7 is the new version of ever popular operating system called Windows. It is an enhancement of the different released till now, i.e., Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP. Among the new and improved features of Windows 7 are: Searching and organizing, Security, Internet Explorer, Sync and Sharing, Ease of Access Centre, Parental Controls, Back up and Restore Center, Networking, Windows Meeting Space, Windows Media Center, Pictures, Mobile PC features.
  • Chapter 2

    Microsoft Word 2010 Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Microsoft Office Word 2010 helps you produce professional-looking documents by providing a comprehensive set of tools for creating and formatting your document in a new interface. 2. Office Word 2010 introduces building blocks for adding pre-formatted content to your documents.
  • Chapter 3

    Microsoft Excel 2010 Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Microsoft Excel 2010 can be started from the Start button. Scroll button allows you to scroll through the whole worksheet. Using Font bar you can set the font for text in the cell. You can make the text in cell, bold by using B at the font panel.
  • Chapter 4

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    PowerPoint helps in creating charts, graphs, slides, handouts, overheads, and various other formats of presentations which any office would require. PowerPoint can be started from Start button, Office toolbar and Desktop icon. You can even create a presentation using the Templates given with the software. You can create a presentation using the various optional slides given.
  • Chapter 5

    Microsoft Access 2010 Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Main features of Access Database are: Forms, Macros, Modules, Pages, Quries, Reports, and Tables. You can create a database of your office information or even your school records. Relational Database System means having a relation between various databases. A Table is a compilation of records having information about a particular data. Queries are created to get information from the database.
  • Chapter 6

    Other Software of Microsoft Office 2010 Price 2.99  |  2.99 Rewards Points

    Publisher is used to create invitations, design business-cards, and letter-heads, make your own calenders, produce newsletter, etc. Publisher has the following tools: Pointer tool, Text frame tool, Table frame tool, WordArt frame tool, Picture frame tool, Clip Gallery tool, Line tool, Oval tool, Rectangle tool, Custom shapes, Hot spot tool, Form control, HTML code fragment and Design gallery object. Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 provides you the option of making notes on the computer for the work to be done later. You can organize your notes into Sections and Folders. Microsoft Office InfoPath Forms 2007 provides you with various ready made forms which can be used to fill in the data. In Publisher 2007, you can create any print material in a flash, including visiting cards, greeting cards, etc.

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