Nowadays shopping malls and stores have taken an important place in the business sphere of India as well as the whole world. Whichever country we visit, we will find very big and attractive shopping malls and stores with a variety of products. The variety, the price and the high quality of products along with the attractive get up of any shopping mall lure the people irrespective of their income, at least to enter it and have a look on the products.
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    Chapter 1 - Location Layout and Ambience Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Store or mall location is one of the most important elements for any business that relies on customers. Also it is the most crucial decision for a management to select the most suitable location.

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    Chapter 3 - Inventory Management Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    The term ‘inventory’ means any stock of direct or indirect material stocked either for sale or to provide material or supplies to the production process. The organizations keep the stock of inventory to meet the expected and unexpected demand in future.

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    Chapter 4 - Stores and Malls Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Organized retailing in India has witnessed a significant growth in the last decade. The development of malls in India has transformed shopping from a need driven activity to a leisure time entertainment.

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    Chapter 5 - Leasing Administration Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Leasing administration is one of the crucial functions of mall management. The term ‘lease’ may be defined as a legal document or an oral arrangement, which confers a right on one person (called tenant or lessee) to possess property belonging to another person (called landlord or lessor) to the exclusion of the owner landlord.

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    Chapter 6 - Tenant Management Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    In the previous units we have studied who is a tenant and what his rights and responsibilities are. Effective tenant management is one of the most crucial functions in front of the mall management. A tenant is someone who has signed an agreement with the landlord to use a piece of land or structure of the mall property.

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    Chapter 7 - Regulatory Framework for Shopping Malls Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Presently, there is no exclusive regulatory framework for the retail sector in India. Regulation of the retail sector is mainly in the domain of the state governments. Since the growth of the retail sector impacts on the various sectors of the economy (like agriculture, real estate, food processing, etc.), various central ministries, such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Ministry of Finance, also have influence over the regulation of the sector.

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    Chapter 8 - Operational Efficiencies Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Every retailer who works with long term goals and strategies need to manage its financial and operational performance in the best possible way. This facilitates the retailer in achieving the objectives of the firm in the most efficient manner.

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    Chapter 9 - Managing Customer Service and Satisfaction Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Customer services include the services provided to customers before, during and after the purchase transaction. In today’s competitive environment the organizations treat customers as king and try to provide the best customer services for their satisfaction. Poor customer services can generate complaints.

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    Chapter 10 - HR Management Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Employment market in India is lacking for skilled man power. The retailing industry is generating huge employment opportunities. The requirements of man power are in the all functional areas. The industry is looking for human resources to see the customers at retail outlets and to motivate them indirectly for more buying.

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    Chapter 11 - Future of Shopping Malls Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    In a retail market, the shopping malls are an upcoming trend. A mall is a closed commercial place where a number of retailers offer a large number of goods and services to consumers. Malls inspire fashion–based shopping, as distinct from the need–based shopping inspired by super–markets and discount stores.

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