Cancellation And Refund Policy



Upon registration, you would be able to avail our Services and chose the specific Service you wish to avail, including those Services that are available upon making the specified payments. GLOSSAREAD shall be solely responsible for collecting and processing payments, entertain requests for refunds and related service to the user, and will have sole control of all data obtained from current and prospective users in connection with the Services and/or Site. GLOSSAREAD shall establish appropriate arrangements with payment gateways, e-wallets and other similar service providers to receive or effect payments from users for the purchase of the Services.


GLOSSAREAD shall generate an invoice with all the relevant details on every successful transaction by the user and issue the same into his/her mail box. If you do not receive an invoice in your inbox within 24 hours of a successful transaction, GLOSSAREAD can be reached at where the transaction details with reference particulars can be mentioned and sent. GLOSSAREAD shall ensure the invoice details are sent to the users.


GLOSSAREAD shall not refund any amounts received upon a successful transaction and the content has already been dispatched or otherwise released by GLOSSAREAD. However, should the content be incomplete, morphed or otherwise not readable or comprehendible to the eye, then GLOSSAREAD shall, within 24 hours of receipt of any complaint, (with adequate and sufficient proof of the issue complained of), re-transmit the content after modifying it suitably to address the issue. Should GLOSSAREAD be unable to rectify the technical error so complained of within 24 hours, then GLOSSAREAD shall entertain requests for refunds.


GLOSSAREAD shall endeavour to address all requests for refunds within 24 hours of receipt of such requests for a refund. However, depending upon the jurisdiction of the transaction or your residence, the monies may reach your account anywhere between 7 – 28 working days. GLOSSAREAD calculates and reconciles the revenues at the close of every calendar month and thus, all requests for refunds shall certainly be entertained and addressed towards the end of every calendar month, in the event that the same were not addressed previously.