Welcome to Sharing Knowledge on Career, Leadership and Success: Improve Your Attitude and Personality to Excel as a Leader. I am passionate to share my knowledge on learning and leadership. Hence, I share my 33 years of knowledge on career, leadership and success in this book. Also, I share my ideas and insights on various aspects of learning and leadership. The book is divided into two parts with part I underscoring on career, leadership and success; and part II outlining various aspects of challenges in Indian education apart from sharing the relationship between the educators and the students. It explains the present mindset of Indian students and the fate of faculty and educational institutions in India. It concludes with a message that you get what you deserve.
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  • Publisher: Laxmi Publications
  • Language: English
  • ISBN : 978-93-84872-26-7
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    Chapter 1- Dream to Achieve Great Success Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Welcome to Sharing Knowledge on Career, Leadership and Success: Improve Your Attitude and Personality to Excel as a Leader! During my leadership development training programs the participants ask me a number of questions. In fact, I encourage my audiences to raise questions and I enjoy responding to their questions with passion. I have the practice of jotting their questions at the end of each session. I convert them into articles and save for my future training programs. In this book, I share various aspects on career, success, and leadership apart from ideas and insights on my personal and
    professional life. It will help you acquire breadth of knowledge in various aspects in your life to achieve an amazing success in your life.

  • Chapter 8

    Chapter 2- Understand Your Personality Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    I create new psychometric tools and techniques and apply them during my teaching and training programs to improve teaching and training pedagogy. I utilize my classroom as a laboratory to explore and experiment them. After taking feedback from the teaching and training programs, I overcome the weaknesses to improve new concepts and theories.

  • Chapter 9

    Chapter 3- Prove Yourself to be Right Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Some people want to prove their point to be right while some people want to prove others’ point to be wrong. Some people want to act while some people want to react. Which kind of people are in the right side? The answer is obviously the people who want to act, and prove their point to be right. There is a slight variation between both in terms of attitude and approach. People who want to prove their point to be right are the ones with a right attitude while the people who want to prove others’ point to be wrong are the ones with a wrong attitude.

  • Chapter 10

    Chapter 4- Install Anti-Virus in Your Mind to Stay Healthy and Happy Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Human beings get around 60,000 thoughts in a day and mostly they get negative thoughts. In order to avoid negative thoughts, they must set their goals. Goals help them stay focused and manage their time since they have to execute tasks within the stipulated time. Goals enhance longevity as people want to live for a longer time to accomplish their goals. They also provide meaning to their lives as they contribute something for themselves and to the society as a whole.

  • Chapter 11

    Chapter 5- Build Your Self-Confidence Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    I have been doing intensive research for some years to identify 21 unique habits to share with the world. I want to share unique
    knowledge with others to enable them to unlock their hidden potential. I want to identify, compile and share these 21 unique
    habits through my authored book which is likely to be published in 2015.

  • Chapter 12

    Chapter 6- Be an Attentive Listener Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Most people in the world take listening for granted. It is time to emphasize active and attentive listening to avoid misunderstanding and ill-will among the people.

  • Chapter 13

    Chapter 7- Manage Multiple Thoughts Running in Your Head Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    During my teaching and training programs several thoughts and ideas flood my mind simultaneously. I find it tough to manage them within my mind. And I don’t want to miss them as ideas don’t flash when I want them. It is the predicament I encounter while writing books also.

  • Chapter 14

    Chapter 8- Speak with Facts to Persuade Others Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    I have come across people who live in an imaginative world. They imagine intensely about others and form their views and opinions. It is called a figment of imagination. Most of their opinions are wrong as they don’t look at the realities but imagine and build their opinions on others.

  • Chapter 15

    Chapter 9- Follow-up Regularly Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Most people work hard by keeping their deadlines. They achieve success one after another. But success can be achieved quickly when they follow-up regularly. It is observed that some people jot down their tasks and take up some other tasks without focusing on the prioritized tasks. It does no good in the long run. Following-up the tasks regularly will help you overcome this challenge.

  • Chapter 16

    Chapter 10- Sell Yourself to Stand Out Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    You must know how to sell yourself. It sounds strange right! In one of my training programs, a participant asked me the following question: do the interviewers think that I am boosting myself while responding to the question ‘tell me about yourself ’ ?

  • Chapter 17

    Chapter 11- Believe in Your Timing not Time Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    It is a common practise for some people to talk about ‘good time’ and ‘bad time’. It is unfortunate that people rarely talk about timing. In fact, your timing will decide the fate of your time. In this context, let us understand the difference between time and timing.

  • Chapter 18

    Chapter 12- Build Your Online Team Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    In the month of May 2014, my book titled Success Tools for CEO Coaches: Be a Learner, Leader, and Ladder was nominated for an international award for 2014 by Small Business Trends, USA. It was kept online for public voting to check the visibility of book and judge my international popularity. I was very much excited with my nomination. But I did not know how to approach my friends, fans and followers to vote for my book as it was first time my book was nominated for such a prestigious international award for voting.

  • Chapter 19

    Chapter 13- Strive for Excellence to Stand Out as a Leader Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Most people work hard but fail to excel greatly in their lives. One of the reasons is focusing on others’ areas by ignoring their own areas of interests. People often follow high achievers and endeavour to enter into others’ areas without assessing their own capacities.

  • Chapter 20

    Chapter 14- Serve Others not Self Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    If you search in Google you get half a billion hits on the terms ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’. It indicates the interest people show towards these terms. You will find a million definitions on leadership.

  • Chapter 21

    Chapter 15- Be a Servant Leader Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Traditionally, leaders were treated as heroes. Ever since Robert Greenleaf came out with a new leadership style – servant leadership, the perception towards leadership has changed totally, and shifted from heroism to servanthood as he said that leaders are basically servants who lead from the front with a heart to serve others.

  • Chapter 22

    Chapter 16- Build Your Leadership Brand with Social Media Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Social media is catching up aggressively and its significance cannot be underestimated internationally. Individuals and organizations started to depend on this powerful media. Social media played a crucial role during American elections to mould the public opinion and helped Barack Obama win Presidential elections.

  • Chapter 23

    Chapter 17- A Good Teacher is the Mirror of a Student Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Currently there is a lack of connection between the parents and the children, and between the teachers and the students. That is one of the reasons love affairs have gone up among the students in the educational institutions as they try to fill their gaps from their friends and colleagues.

  • Chapter 24

    Chapter 18- As the Mother is to a Child the Teacher is to a Student Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    At times educators can be compared with a mother. When the child does not eat food, mother shares fascinating stories to her
    child and offers food. The child enjoys food by listening to stories. It not only helps the child grow physically but also grow mentally.

  • Chapter 25

    Chapter 19- I am a Professor and I Love my Profession Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    One day one of my relatives asked me, “Why are you inspiring the son of your competitor to pursue PhD? You know that he becomes your competitor and might overtake you as he is 25 years old. He might also overtake your two sons.” I smiled and said, “I am a professor. I love my profession.” I looked at his face to check whether he received my message. It seemed he did not receive my message properly.

  • Chapter 26

    Chapter 20- Can Students Excel Better than their Educators Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    In one of my leadership training programs a participant asked me a question – why teachers cannot grow while some of students outgrow their teachers? In fact, it is a rare question I have come across in my lifetime.

  • Chapter 27

    Chapter 21- Are Backbenchers in the Classroom the Bill Gates of India Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    In every classroom, the educators find three types of students – above average, average and below average. In fact, the classroom is incomplete without this combination of categories. The above average students often sit in the front rows in the classroom, the average students in the middle, and the below average students in the back benches.

  • Chapter 28

    Chapter 22- Are You the Student who Fakes If So I Pity You Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    I am passionate about students and contribute my best by inspiring them through my teaching and training programs. I share my knowledge when they come to my office. I clarify their career concerns to inspire them to excel as leaders with a positive mindset.

  • Chapter 29

    Chapter 23- Address Alarming Indiscipline in Indian Educational Institutions Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Currently there is a growing indiscipline in Indian educational institutions and it is time we addressed this issue earnestly to
    shell out quality students who can grow as good citizens. Students are more demanding in terms of knowledge, freedom and facilities.

  • Chapter 30

    Chapter 24- The Lessons Parents must Share with their Children Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Most parents are concerned about the future of their children. They often think of giving away wealth to their children to secure their future. Some parents think of imparting education to their children. Likewise, all parents think of giving away to their children as per their capacities and resources to secure the lives of their children. In fact, they must think beyond these things in the current context.

  • Chapter 31

    Chapter 25- Message to Students on Graduation Day Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    I had an opportunity to attend ‘Graduation Day’ in India in 2014 where eminent speakers delivered their messages to the students who were passing out of the campus.

  • Chapter 32

    Chapter 26- Fate of Engineering Education in India Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    In July 2014, I have attended a meeting where one of the speakers highlighted about the fate of Indian education especially engineering education. Here are my views on it.

  • Chapter 33

    Chapter 27- Fate of Faculty in Private Educational Institutions in India Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Once upon a time, a student came to my office along with her friends to seek donation for a social cause. I admired her initiative. Usually I used to be busy with my research and training programs and rarely interacted with students and others in my office except during teaching and training programs.

  • Chapter 34

    Chapter 28- Provide Autonomy to Private Educational Institutions in India Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Currently lots of colleges in India are craving for autonomy status. Is the autonomy essential for them? What are the advantages for granting autonomy to deserving educational institutions? What value will it add to Indian society? Let us explore it with pros and cons.

  • Chapter 35

    Chapter 29- Librarians are the Leaders Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    The educational institutions maintain libraries to encourage students to read books, and also to attract new students as good
    libraries are an indication of good educational institutions. When new students intend to join prestigious educational institutions they look at the libraries and see the quality of books they keep.

  • Chapter 36

    Chapter 30- You Get What You Deserve not What You Desire Price 0.11  |  0.11 Rewards Points

    Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.

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