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Civil Engineering is a vast field, and includes different types of jobs. Just look around yourself and see how great civil engineers have made our society. They construct our city and country by building roads, bridges, buildings, tunnels, dams, canals, highways, transportation systems, and many other infrastructures.

In this article, we explore top 10 jobs in the Civil Engineering field. But before that, let us have a look at basic roles and responsibilities of a Civil Engineer.

What does a Civil Engineer do?

Let it be in the private sector or the public sector, a civil engineer’s basic job is to manage, plan, design, analyze, build, develop, maintain, repair and enhance different infrastructures. Also, they have to ensure the construction runs smoothly and safely. And they have to follow the rules and regulations of the local and central government.

These professionals may choose their desired jobs depending on whether it’s a management, planning or a design job, on-site or a desk job. This article will guide you about the best jobs in the Civil Engineering industry.

Top 10 Jobs in Civil Engineering

Here are the top 10 jobs you can get with a Civil Engineering degree in India:

  1. Civil Engineering Technicians

    Job Description: Civil Engineering Technicians mainly deal with design, drawings, planning, construction and management of different projects. They provide technical support and services to engineers and other professionals.

    These people constantly interact with the architects and other construction workers. They assist with drafting, surveying, estimating costs, identify material for special projects, create progress reports, communicate with contractors, particularly about inspection and schedules.

    Educational Requirements: One should have a BE or B Tech Civil Engineering degree or a diploma to become a Civil Engineering Technician.

    Average Salary: Average salary of Civil Engineering Technicians in India is around 29,500 INR per month. For experienced candidates, the salary can go beyond 45,000 INR per month.

  2. Design Engineers

    3D Design Software
    3D Design Software

    Job Description: Design Engineers collaborate with the research and development teams to develop ideas, create new products and prototypes. They mainly use CAD (computer-aided design) or CAE (computer-aided engineering) software to create plans and models.

    The Design Engineers analyze design issues and recommend corrective actions. They determine construction cost and material cost based on their designs. They also have to perform field surveys and investigation to prepare engineering drawings.

    Educational Requirements: For Design Engineers, the educational requirements are a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, design engineering, manufacturing engineering, product design engineering technology, or any other relevant field.

    Average Salary: The average salary for a Design engineer in India is about 29,700 INR per month.

  3. Architect

    Job Description: The main job of an Architect is to plan and create designs to construct, renovate and redevelop different infrastructures.

    They have to consult clients to determine their requirements, and prepare 2D or 3D design drawings, specifications, and construction documents accordingly. They have to resolve complex design issues into practical solutions.

    Educational Requirements: Minimum educational requirement is to have a bachelor’s degree or a diploma from a vocational school.

    Average Salary: Average salary for architects in India is about 38,000 INR per month. With the increase in experience and skills, the salary can go beyond 58,00 INR.

  4. Civil Engineering Drafter

    Design Template
    Design Template

    Job Description: The Civil Engineering Drafter is responsible for preparing reports, maps, drawings, and plans. They share their reports and plans with the civil engineering team, and use this information to help coordinate production of the project.

    The Civil Drafters conduct field surveys and provide accurate, reliable data for use in design activities. They visit the site and make a note of natural and man-made structures.

    Educational Requirements: Bachelor’s civil engineering degree or a diploma is a must to become a Civil Engineering Drafter.

    Average Salary: The average salary of a Civil Engineering Drafter in India is 17,000 to 20,000 INR in the beginning. It typically gets increased up to 33,000 INR for experienced ones.

  5. Land Surveyor

    Land Surveying
    Land Surveying

    Job Description: Land Surveyor measures and studies the land features. They check for previous land records, verify the data and carry out conclusions from it.

    They also determine the proper land boundaries and prepare for mapping, drawings, planning and recording of the official and other legal documents.

    Educational Requirements: To become a Land Surveyor, one should have a bachelor’s civil engineering degree, diploma or any other relevant field.

    Average Salary: The average salary for a Land Surveyor in India is about 27,000 INR per month.

  6. Engineering Project Managers

    Job Description: The job of an Engineering Project Manager is to overall manage all aspects of the project. It includes planning, directing, organizing projects, creating project strategy, preparing proposals, maintaining reports and financial records. They need to ensure that the project runs smoothly, safely and following the state and federal laws.

    Educational Requirements: To become an Engineering Project Manager, one must have a bachelor’s degree, e.g. BE / B tech in Civil Engineering. Even a civil engineering diploma with impressive skills is significant.

    Average Salary: Engineering Project Managers in India typically earns 39,400 INR per month on average. The salary range varies from 29,000 INR to 75,000 INR. It rises as experience increases and can go beyond 1 Lakh per month.

  7. Senior Civil Engineers

    Job Description: A Senior Civil Engineer is a person who deals with the construction or repairing of bridges, buildings, highways, tunnels, railways, airports and other structures. They have to review, supervise, redesign, rebuild and improve the infrastructures.

    A Civil Engineer with the necessary skills and experience, along with basic knowledge of software like Staad Pro, can surely get promoted to become a Senior Civil Engineer.

    Educational Requirements: One must have a bachelor’s degree, e.g. BE / B Tech in Civil Engineering or a diploma with relevant experience.

    Average Salary: On average, a Senior Civil Engineer’s salary is 48,700 INR per month. The salary typically ranges from 25,500 INR – 62,500 INR per month.

  8. Engineering Managers

    Job Description: A Civil Engineering Manager coordinates and directs projects, making detailed designs and plans to achieve required goals. They organize, control and execute the work related to the engineering and technical department of the project.

    They have to coordinate with their team and other departments to analyze and recommend strategies for all the projects.

    Educational Requirements: A Civil Engineering degree or at least a diploma is a must.

    Average Salary: A Civil Engineering Manager usually earns an average of 58,000 INR per month. It can also go up to 1 Lakh INR per month for an experienced person.

  9. Construction Managers

    Construction Site
    Construction Site

    Job Description: As a Construction Manager, they have to properly plan and coordinate the estimated cost, budgets and materials requirement. They also develop a timeline and schedule the project from the start to the end.

    These managers have to coordinate with their department, construction workers and subcontractors about planning of their project. They need to review the project in-depth to schedule the work and estimate costs.

    Educational Requirements: To become a Construction Manager, one should have a civil engineering degree, a degree in construction management, or any relevant field.

    Average Salary: The average salary of a Construction Manager in India is 52,300 INR per month. It can go beyond 83,000 INR as experience increases.

  10. Engineering Inspectors and Regulatory Officers

    Job Description: Engineering Inspectors and Regulatory Officers need to inspect vehicles, weighing scales and meters, industrial instruments and equipment. They ensure that they follow according to the government and industry standards.

    Educational Requirements: For this, one should have a civil engineering degree or diploma.

    Average Salary: The average salary of an Engineering Inspector and Regulatory Officer in India on average ranges from 25,260 INR per month.

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