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The first year of engineering is often a period of mixed-emotions. On one hand, students are excited to start their college journey. While on the other hand, they are also wary of the challenges ahead. One aspect every engineering student should focus on is the first year exams. 

How you perform in your first year will set the tone for the rest of your course. You do not want to acquire any backlog from your first year itself. The new way of grading and the number of assignments can seem scary at first. However, we have got all the tips you need to excel in your first year engineering exams –

Start Preparing Early For Engineering Exams

It’s better to stay one step ahead than lag two steps behind. The semester will go by faster than you can imagine. If you do not prepare from the start, you will find yourself in a difficult position.

Be diligent in attending your lectures and pay attention to what is being taught. Later in the day, dedicate an hour to revise what you learnt in class. Revising on the same day will help in retaining the information that was taught.

Stay organized

Creating a time-table is the best way to stay organized. Throughout the year you will have various exams and projects such as –

  1. Internal Assessments
  2. Vivas
  3. Projects
  4. Final Assessments

Each of these will have its own set of requirements and study needs. It is easy to lose track of deadlines as the course load increases through the semester. Having a time-table will help you stay focused. More importantly, it will ensure you meet deadlines.

Set daily or weekly goals and do your best to achieve them. Prioritize assignments that are harder or have a greater weightage of marks.

Remember, try your best to follow the timetable that you set. However, learn to be flexible and adapt your priorities based on your academic needs. There is no correct way to create a time-table. Decide what works best for you and go with it. Being organized will help you excel in your first year engineering exams.

Want to learn more about how to stay organized? Get more tips here

Utilize All Resources

You will need various study materials to prepare for your exams, such as –

  1. Textbooks
  2. Reference Books
  3. Notes

Buying books is costly, additionally, once your exams are over you have no use for them. Furthermore, students often scramble to find good notes. Seniors are the most common source for freshers to ask for help. But being new to a college you might not know a lot of people to go to for assistance. In addition to cost, gathering all these resources will take time. As a student, your main focus should be on studying rather than scrambling for resources.

Glossaread, India’s best online learning platform has a solution for First-year engineering student’s problems. Our platform provides students with all the study materials they need to ace their exams. On our platform, students get access to – PPTs, Notes, Chapters, and much more.

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Using our platform, you will save a lot of time which you can dedicate to studying for your exams.

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Make Notes for Exams

You must take notes while attending class. Having a list of important points of each chapter will help you to study. Additionally, writing down information will make it easier for you to retain it.


The main objective of making notes is to help you to revise before an exam. The night before your final exams, you will not have time to go through every chapter. Having good notes is a lifesaver.

Now, the notes you’ve made might be good. But you are learning what is being taught for the first time. In contrast, your professors have immense experience in the subjects they teach. Won’t it be amazing if you could get their notes? With Glossaread you can!

We have a network of professors who specially make notes for our students. The notes are based on your university syllabus and will help you excel in your first year engineering exams.

Overall, be diligent in your studies from the start. Create a time-table which works best for you and stick with it. The more organised you are, the better you will perform in your first year engineering exams.

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