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Getting admission into an engineering college is a race. You have already proved that you can crack a competitive exam to get into an engineering college. However, being successful in engineering as a student is a whole different game. Unlike school, getting the best marks is not the only goal. Engineering is very broad and your learning can never end, but your time is limited. In the first year, you should learn to prioritize your tasks and set up your path towards your dream career. Here are 5 tips that help students get through their first year of engineering with confidence –

Know Your Field of Interest

Being successful in engineering is not just about getting the highest marks in every subject. It is great to be a topper, but, developing depth in a certain area is very important to be successful in the future. Whether you want to go for a master’s in engineering or start a job after engineering, developing deep knowledge in your area of interest will get you the best opportunities. 

Consider that you want to work at ISRO after you graduate. But, the engineering concepts applied in such an organization are too many to start with. As a first year student, you can research one project of ISRO.

For example, the rover created for moon exploration. You can read about the various technologies that contributed to the rover development.

The same logic applies if you are an electrical engineer. You can explore the solar powering technology that keeps the rover running for months.

Starting to build this kind of specific knowledge will help you develop specialized knowledge in the field by the time you finish engineering. Furthermore, you will easily stand out among other applicants. 

No Subject is Unimportant

Learning chemistry as a computer science student may sound unnecessary. However, it is important to understand that computer science deals with improving efficiency in almost all the fields known to mankind.

For example, imagine you are a developer at Google, creating AI software to forecast weather. You will work with weather experts to understand various physical phenomena in nature and create an algorithm to predict the results. Having a basic understanding of engineering physics will help you understand climate concepts faster. Hence, you need to understand all the subjects in the curriculum to become a well-rounded engineer.

First year engineering students should keep an open mind about the subjects being taught. Be open rather than selective about your interests!

Engineering is About Application

What you learn in engineering is meant for applying to real life and solving real problems. It is important to do well in practical training, but, that is just one part of your curriculum. But, you should not restrict yourself to the curriculum. Work on extra projects that are challenging and help you understand the complexities of real-life applications. These can be part of internships, external competitions etc.

Network is Net Worth

One of the most important advantages of engineering is the opportunity to make friendships. Importantly, creating meaningful relationships with a large number of similar people. Join a club in your college which interests you or participate in competitions with your friends.

Additionally, a strong and broad circle of friends keeps you happy but also helps you to receive job references through them. Almost every career requires your contribution to a team. Learning people relations is an integral part of being successful in a team. 

Have a Blast!

Reality is richer than imagination. These young and energetic four years never come back and you should enjoy these years thoroughly. 

Glossaread believes that students should get the best out of their college life. First year engineering students often scramble to find study material for their course. Wasting valuable time which they should rather utilize in personal development. 

Glossaread’s innovative content helps you remember concepts with ease. Additionally, our custom-curated practice exercises help you ace your exams with the least time commitment.

With Glossaread, you can stop worrying about exams and focus on developing in-depth knowledge, learning real-life applications, and developing meaningful relationships.

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To sum up, enter your first year of engineering with an open mind. Absorb all the knowledge you can from your professors, seniors and course material. Find areas that interest you and make a plan to build on them for the coming years.

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