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It is a DC motor which rotates in steps. After the electrical signal is fed to the motor, it starts to rotate in steps. The speed of the motor is dependent on the rate of input signal applied. The input applied to the motor decides the direction of rotation of the motor. The rotor is a permanent magnet which rotates.

Transducer is a device which converts physical quantity or energy of one form to signal or energy of another form.

The basic working of an induction motor is producing a rotating magnetic field and this field is sinusoidally distributed.

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is known as PSLV. This technology is the most challenging space program for the Indian space program till now.

The Switched mode power supply is abbreviated as SMPS is used to convert the regulated DC output voltage from unregulated DC or AC voltage.

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The main components of Phase Locked Loop are a phase detector with a voltage controlled oscillator. It also has loop filter feedback.

Errors may rise from different sources and are classified as gross error, systematic error and random errors.

Frequency Modulation is the technique in which the frequency of a carrier signal is varied according to the message signal.

Crystal Oscillator is specially designed in a circuit to provide low impedance when it operates in series-resonant mode and high impedance.

Boolean algebra which deals  with variables and binary numbers. This algebra helps to simplify the Boolean variables

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In Huffman Coding the input is assigned a variable length code. The smallest code is assigned to the character which occurs the most.

CMOS is a new type of MOSFET logic is made combining both the PMOS and NMOS processes and is called complementary MOS.

The IC 555 timer is an 8 pin chip. It is used in applications such as multivibratiors. It operates in astable, bistable and monostable mode.